Topgrading Prescreen Snapshot Features

Send Invitation to Candidates

Invite candidates and monitor their progress. You'll get an email with the candidate's details when they complete their information.

  • Get Candidate Insights

    The Prescreen Snapshot gives you details that help you look for the top performers.

  • Salary History

    Look for steady growth in compensation.

  • Job hoppers

    Identify a candidate who switches jobs frequently.

  • Performance ratings by prior bosses

    Look for very good and excellent ratings.

  • Reasons they have changed jobs

    Identify if a candidate has ever been terminated for cause.

Topgrading Prescreen Snapshot

The Prescreen Snapshot includes the details from the candidates' last two jobs, including salary (optional), reasons for leaving, and performance ratings by manager.

Try the Topgrading Prescreen Snapshot

Get accurate and insightful information to screen in just the best candidates.